LENT – Embracing Our Fast and Scripture Reading

LENT:  Lent is the Christian season of preparation before Easter, which begins 40 days prior. (Sundays are not usually included in this count).  This is a period of fasting, repentance, moderation and spiritual discipline so that we can reflect on the amazing sacrifice, life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ!

This year, ASH WEDNESDAY is February 14, 2024, and it is the start of our 40 days of Love. (February 14th – March 31st). During this 40+ days of repentance, scripture reading and fasting, Marvelous Light is encouraged to fast from 3 things that you hold dear; and renew yourself in scriptures by reading 5 chapters in your Bible, a day.  Allow this time to draw you nearer to God and to sincerely repent from wrongs, with a renewed commitment to follow Christ.

  1. Commit yourself to study the Word of God.  Read 5 chapters of the Bible every day of lent.  (Minimum – Feel free to do more!  God will Bless you.) 
  2. Fast from 3 things to spend more time with God.
    • Examples: Stop watching TV
    • No Social Media (Really!  No popping around taking in junk and information that you don’t know where it came from.)
    • Increase Devotion Time (No TV or social media frees up a lot of time to focus on God.)
    • Decrease food intake (In the bible fasting was a humbling act of doing without food.  Talk with your health care professional and see what is manageable for you.)
    • Most importantly, repent and humbly come before the Lord with a renewed commitment.
  3. Commit to two bible studies every week.  Join us in-person or on line for A Walk In Word bible study and one more in the week with family, friends or co-workers for at least 30 minutes.

For those who look forward to the challenge of reading the full bible during this time… go for it!!!  REMEMBER, we listen to those we love. If we truly love God, we will listen to God, which is to read His word, the Bible!


Click here for an online Audio Bible or download to your smartphone or computer. 

Make Bible reading a priority. When something is important enough to us, we will make sure it is done first. If we give Bible reading first place, we will schedule the necessary time needed.  Pray to God for help.  Ask Him to help YOU, and ask Him to also help others to attain this goal of daily Bible reading. He has promised to help those who ask for it!

Keep a prayer journal. Click the link below for an online, private way to document your Journey with God.

Visit https://www.onlineprayerjournal.com/


Feb 14 2024 - Mar 31 2024


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