From: The Pastor’s Heart
To: You

I was sitting in worship last night and the Lord spoke to me. It was as clear a voice in my
hearing as this letter is to your viewing. It was a simultaneous thunder of Conviction and
Creation. He was convicting me for allowing the coals to grow cold and He was
compelling me to reignite the ones that still had desire to burn.

The standard that was set for the house (MLCM) has been diminished, but not destroyed.
The flame that was once the inferno for others to mimic and esteem, has become barely a
camp fire that only provides heat to those in its immediate zone.

That changes NOW!

Everything we do moving forward will be INTENTIONAL and driven with purpose to
represent the Kingdom of God in the best possible LIGHT! Nothing will be done with
energy less than our best and effort below our maximum potential.
Our service is local, but our reach is global – so we cannot reduce our presentation down
to what’s convenient, but rather we must raise it to that which is Explosive!
Get ready for major change that’s coming systematically, intellectually, purposefully, and
professionally. Nothing we do moving forward will be done haphazardly, sloppily, poorly,
or carnally.

We Are the LIGHT!


(CEO/Pastor of MLCM)