From: The Pastor’s Heart
To: You

Hey family, I greet you in the matchless name of the Lord our God. Today is day Eleven of my daily inspirations to you and I pray that you’ve truly been blessed in receiving as much as I’ve been through releasing.

Today as you know, was my Uncle’s home going celebration. It was beautiful and sad at the same time, but the reason why I’m bringing it up today is because something happened during the service that once again spoke volumes to my spirit.

I was asked to be on program to pray for the family and then lead the congregation in a song entitled, “This Is The Day.”  Everything was going along well until I went over to the organ to play and sing the song. That’s when I discovered something quite interesting. The organ was in very bad shape. It was unable to put out quality sound and many of the keys and draw boards were not working. I did the best I could and made it through the song.

After the Minister delivered the eulogy, I was asked to play for a lady who was on program to sing, “I’ll Fly Away”.  This time I  went to the piano because I already knew the organ was not in good shape. When I begin playing the piano I discovered that it was not mic’d and because the sanctuary was somewhat large, it was difficult for the people to hear what I was playing at my normal touch of pressure on the keys.  So what did I have to do… “Improvise and Move On!”

Ministry requires that we always be adaptable and prepared for change. So often what we planned does not work out exactly as we thought it would, and this leaves us in one of two situations. Either, we can become upset and discouraged and quit, or we can improvise and press on.  Sometimes it’s not the people that are problematic, it’s a series of other things. Sometimes the sound is not right, you do not have the resources that you need, equipment failure at the last minute, or any number of unforeseen obstacles.

In the stage play and related entertainment industry there’s an old saying that goes, “The Show Must Go On.” We have to take that same approach in ministry, “The WORK Must Go On!”  Remember when Jesus was confronted with a very large crowd there were extremely hungry? All He had was two fish and five pieces of bread. His disciples did not see how they were going to perform this work, but He did.

Christ told them to have the people sit down and bring him whatever was available. He took what was in front of Him,  multiplied it, and completed the task. My word to you today is – take what’s in front of you and complete the task! Don’t allow yourself to give excuses why the work cannot be done and done at the level of perfection!  God entrusted you with it so it’s your duty to finish the job no matter what.

He’s your source and you’re His choice. So… Improvise and MOVE On!

Pastor Chan