From: The Pastor’s Heart
To: You

Today I was having lunch with a Pastor who I’m excited about seeing what God’s doing in
his life and the ministry he serves. We met at an Italian restaurant. It happened to be one
that I’ve heard of but have never gone there to eat. The atmosphere was cozy, the area was
clean, the sweet tea and lemonade mix was on point, and the waitress was pleasant. We
placed our order and prayed. Soon thereafter, the waitress returned with our salad and
dinner rolls. I took a bite of my salad and then reached for the dinner roll, but before I
picked it up the Pastor said, “Be careful…those are dangerous.”

I understood that he was implying that the rolls are SO GOOD that I’ll be quickly tempted
to eat another, and another, and another and so on. I laughed and proceeded to take a bite
and to my surprise, he was right. It was so good that I quickly put it back down on the
plate and asked the waitress to take it back. Why? Well because I’m trying (once again) to
loose weight and if I dare took another bite of those rolls, I’d lose my strength and ask for

I then thought about how the enemy works in our life the same way. He places things
before us that not only appear to be good, but they ARE good and it seems harmless and
non-threatening at first, but if we connect with it, it then begins to become a craving inside
that we (sometimes) don’t resist until the damage is done.

Remember when Adam and Eve ate from the tree in the Garden, the bible says at that
point their eyes were open to discern good from evil. What the enemy convinced them
that was good for them, ended up not being good to them. It cost them an everlasting
place in the garden. They were put out and had to struggle in life the rest of their days.
We must strive to not only represent the Lord well in service, but we must work daily to
hear and faithfully obey Him in worship. Our return to ministry excellence is a call that
I’ve been given to press upon you and make the burden of perfection something that you
crave for His glory and His honor.

What God has given us is too valuable to become apathetic with its care. I charge and
encourage you to continue striving for excellence in ministry and make full proof of what
He’s given you at ALL times! Get ready family – the FIRE is intensifying and you are
necessary for the expansion of the Kingdom! The two paragraphs below will always be
added to my daily message for you because it’s something that I want…no I NEED you to
speak over and over in your spirit until it becomes a daily quote in your life.