Setting Yourself Aside For God

Consecration is about items set apart as holy for the purpose of worshiping God. It is also used to describe the setting apart of the priests, who are to be consecrated to the Lord. Although the word is not used extensively in the New Testament, it occurs in reference to the consecrated bread, and is applied to individuals and the purposes of God. However, for Christians, consecration is not optional, since we are all priests for God.

Jesus and Consecration

Jesus proclaimed the doctrine of consecration throughout His ministry. All that we own and all our relationships are to be consecrated to God so that they do not become idols in our lives. No thing or person is to be held above our relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus cannot be your Savior if you don’t make Him Lord of your life.

The Need To Consecrate Yourself

Consecration is the act of setting yourself apart from the world to become dedicated as an instrument of righteousness for the purposes of God. True Christianity is a radical commitment to Jesus Christ, not just going to church on Sunday. It’s not enough to be willing to do Christian work, but the heart of consecration is devotion to the divine will of God. If you desire to become a man or woman of God, consecrating yourself to Him you will reap the rewards of entering into His wonderful, marvelous Light!

The Consecration Service

How to prepare for Consecration